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Creating a mobile application in Mielec and Rzeszów

Discover the world of mobile applications with nesX! Our mobile application programming services for smartphones and tablets define standards in business. We create native applications for Android and iOS, using the latest technologies and programming languages.


The use of the latest technologies and methods in the application development process is the basis for our product development.


Ensuring that applications are safe for users and data is a key element to avoid complications.


Optimize your app for best performance across devices and platforms for a better experience.


Focus on UX/UI to make applications intuitive and easy to use. The first impression is the most important!

Our range of mobile application development services

Do you need a mobile application that will distinguish your business onAndroid andiOS platforms? nesX is your key to the world of modern mobile technologies. Our solutions, created with smartphone and tablet users in mind, guarantee not only performance, but also trouble-free operation on every mobile device.

Our business applications are always one step ahead, responding to changing market requirements. We program not only native applications that integrate perfectly with the devices' operating systems, but also web and hybrid applications, providing maximum functionality.

The nesX team uses various programming languages - mainly React Native and Flutter - to provide you with software that will meet every expectations. We are experts in creating mobile applications – from concept to introduction to Google Play and App Store.

The process of creating a mobile application with nesX

The process of creating a mobile application is complex and requires detailed planning and execution. Here are the basic stages that most often occur in the application development process:

Idea and concept

Defining the Goal: What problem does the application want to solve? Who is the target group? Market Research: Competition analysis, market demand, user needs.


Requirements Gathering: Determining the application's functionality and business goals. Creating Documentation: Specification of functional and non-functional requirements.

UX/UI design

Creating Wireframes and Mockups: Sketching the UI layout. Prototyping: Creating clickable prototypes to test interface concepts.

Technology Selection

Decision on Platform: Android, iOS or hybrid/crossplatform application. Choosing a Technology Stack: Programming languages, frameworks, development tools.

Development (Programming)

Front-end Development: Building the user interface. Back-end Development: Creating a server, database and API integration. Native or Cross-platform coding: Using Swift/Kotlin or Flutter/React Native.


Unit Tests: Checking individual functions or application components. Integration Tests: Verification of cooperation between different parts of the application. Usability Testing: Testing UX/UI and the overall operation of the application. Performance Testing: Checking applications for speed and efficiency.


Application Deploy: Publication in the App Store and Google Play stores. Verification Processes: Walk through the verification processes used by app stores.

Maintenance and Updates

Monitoring: Track errors, performance and user behavior. Updates: Introducing improvements and new features. Technical Support: Help users and respond quickly to problems.

What is a Mobile Application Created in nesX? Key Mobile Application Programming Concepts for Your Business

In the digital era, mobile applications have become an indispensable element of every enterprise. Application design at nesX is a process in which each application is treated individually, adapting its functions and appearance to the specific needs of the client and his business.

Financial applications, educational or social applications - regardless of the goals, our mobile applications ensure excellent UX and operational efficiency at the level of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Cross-platform applications created by nesX enable you to reach a wider audience, regardless of the operating system.

Creating mobile applications is not just a job for us, it is a passion thanks to which we help companies investing their time and resources in the development of a digital product. We use SDK and dedicated tools to create native applications and we use PWA and WebView for those who want to quickly and effectively make your services available on mobile devices.

Native, hybrid or maybe web – each type of application has its uses and advantages. nesX will help you understand the differences and choose the best path for your application. Do you want to check how we can build the perfect application for your company? Contact us today!

Choosing a trusted software house

1. Experience and Specialization:

nesX has extensive experience in creating mobile applications that are tailored to the needs of clients from various industries. Our specialists have deep knowledge of iOS and Android platforms, which allows us to create the highest quality solutions.

2. Involvement in Projects:

Our involvement in every project is complete - from the idea to the introduction of the application to the market. At nesX, we make sure that each stage of application development is carefully planned and implemented with the greatest care.

3. Scalable and Secure Solutions:

Security and scalability are the two main values that distinguish our applications. At nesX, we implement best security practices and create applications ready for the increase in the number of users and the development of functionalities.

4. Team of Professionals:

The nesX team consists of qualified developers, UX/UI designers, business analysts and project managers who work together to deliver products that meet customer expectations.

5. Full service:

We offer comprehensive service, from business analysis, through design and development, to support after the application is launched. At nesX, we focus on long-term partnerships, offering constant support and product updates.

6. Transparency:

We are transparent in communication and reporting, regularly updating clients on project progress. There are no hidden costs or surprises; our actions are always clear to customers.

7. Adaptation to Market Trends:

We follow the latest trends in mobile technology to ensure that our applications are always up-to-date and innovative. Thanks to this, applications created by nesX enable our clients to stay ahead of the competition.

8. User-Centered Development Process:

We create applications with the end user in mind, ensuring a friendly UX/UI, which translates into greater user satisfaction and better business results for our clients.

9. Cost optimization:

Thanks to effective work methodology and experience, nesX is able to optimize application production costs, offering customers the best value while maintaining high product quality.

10. Technical Support and Updates:

Our commitment to customer success doesn't end with application implementation - we offer ongoing technical support and updates to keep your application up to date with the latest operating systems and technologies.

When you choose nesX, you are choosing not only a software house - you are choosing a business partner who will support your success at every stage of the mobile application project.

Frequently Asked Questions

A mobile application is software designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from entertainment to business services.

There are three main types of mobile applications: native, web and hybrid. Native applications are created specifically for the iOS or Android platform. Web apps are mobile websites that look and work like applications. Hybrid applications combine elements of both types.

The time needed to create a mobile application depends on its complexity, number of functions, resources, and the verification process in app stores. This may take from several weeks to several months.

It depends on your goal and budget. You can choose to build native apps for each platform to ensure the best performance and platform customization, or a hybrid/cross-platform app that can run on both systems.

Application security is ensured through best practices such as data encryption, secure password storage, up-to-date security patches, regular penetration testing, and compliance with general industry standards.

Yes, a mobile app can increase customer engagement, improve brand visibility, facilitate access to company services and products, and serve as an effective marketing tool.

Monetization of mobile applications can be done through in-app advertising, in-app purchases, paid subscriptions, selling goods or services, or by offering the application as a paid download.

Mobile applications should be updated regularly to respond to changing user requirements, operating systems and to fix any bugs. The frequency may depend on user needs, but it is good practice to release updates every few weeks or months.


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