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IT support Rzeszów and Mielec

By entrusting nesX with the IT administration of your company, you gain not only technological support, but also a business partner who takes care of the continuity, security and efficiency of your digital activities. Here are some convincing reasons why you should choose our offer:

Mobile applications

Regular analysis and updates are crucial to maintaining user satisfaction and compliance with the latest versions of operating systems.

Internet Services

They also require continuous monitoring of security, website performance and quick response to possible technical problems or errors.

Online store

Administration of an online store requires ensuring transaction security, maintaining the efficiency of the e-commerce platform, and updating content and special offers.


Software administration focuses on ensuring its currency, security, and compatibility with operating systems and hardware.

What is IT administration?

IT administration is the process of managing and maintaining an organization's information technology systems to ensure they operate reliably and efficiently. It covers a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, such as:

Systems Configuration

Setting up and customizing operating systems, applications and hardware to meet the organization's needs, including servers, desktops, mobile and network devices.

Safety management

Protection of data and systems against unauthorized access, information leakage and external attacks. This includes managing firewalls, antiviruses, encryption and monitoring security breaches.

Performance Monitoring

Tracking and analyzing the performance of IT systems to ensure their optimal operation. If necessary, actions are taken to optimize resources.

Technical assistance

Providing technical assistance to users in the organization, which may include both solving current problems and technology consulting.

Data Management

Responsibility for storing, backing up, restoring and archiving data. Administrators ensure that data is safe, regularly updated and easily accessible to authorized persons.

Updates and Patches

Regularly updating software and operating systems to fix bugs, fix security vulnerabilities and introduce new features.

User Management

Creation, management and deactivation of user accounts, as well as control over access levels to various systems and data.


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