Wsparcie Techniczne Rzeszów Mielec

With the increasing use of technology in today's times, the need to provide technical support increases.

Wsparcie Techniczne IT Rzeszów i Mielec

In today's dynamic world of digital technologies, product supervision and warranty is a key element of success. Our company, with dedication and full professionalism, offers comprehensive supervision and warranty services for digital products, providing customers with assurance of the quality, security and perfect operation of their digital solutions.

Digital Product Supervision:

Our team of digital product governance specialists are responsible for carefully monitoring and assessing every stage of product development. 

Technical assistance

Our technical team is available to help resolve issues and failures, ensuring continuous product availability.


The most important thing is to create backups, in the event of a failure or downtime, it is always worth having a plan B. Backups should be stored in accordance with appropriate standards.

Product Updates

We regularly introduce updates and fixes to adapt the product to changing needs and possible changes in technology.


We ensure that the product remains safe and compliant with the latest industry standards and regulations - offering dedicated solutions.

Basic Warranty - Web Projects

Our Basic Digital Product Warranty is designed to give you peace of mind that your product works efficiently and to your expectations. It includes all corrections and removal of inconsistencies that do not result from third-party interference, such as editing code or content.


$ 0
  • Product fixes
  • Removing discrepancies
  • Technical assistance
  • Staff training


Product update
$ 349 Once
  • System update
  • Updating the content provided
  • Plugins update
  • Security update
  • Display check

Care Service

Backups + updates once a month. Perfect support for websites and web applications.
$ 125 from next month*
  • Cloud file backup
  • Cloud database copy
  • Additional copy on offline disk
  • System update
  • Updating the content provided
  • Plugins update
  • Security update
  • Display check

E-commerce care

Backups + updates once a month. Secure support for online stores.
$ 299 from next month*
  • Cloud file backup
  • Cloud database copy
  • Additional copy on offline disk
  • Delivery integration update
  • Product view verification
  • Marketplace integration update
  • Payment gateway update
  • System update
  • Updating the content provided
  • Plugins update
  • Security update
  • Display check
Frequently Asked Questions

Updating a website or online store is a technical process designed to ensure that a website's software, content and features are up to date with the latest standards, technologies and security features. This includes updating content management systems (CMS), implementing new features, updating plugins and themes, and bug fixes to ensure your website runs smoothly and securely.

Securing a website or online store includes a number of measures, such as the use of SSL encryption, regular security updates and patches, protection against malware and DDoS attacks, and the use of strong passwords and authentication protocols. Our company also implements advanced firewall solutions and server configuration that ensure protection against the latest threats.

Backup copies protect against data loss by creating copies of all relevant website data, including content, database and configuration. Copies are regularly saved on remote servers and can be restored in the event of a failure, hacker attack or other unforeseen events, which minimizes the risk of losing important information and enables a quick return to normal operation.

Plugins are additional components that extend the functionality of websites and online stores. They allow you to add new features such as advanced e-commerce options, contact forms, SEO, page loading speed optimizations and much more. Plugins are updated regularly to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of content management and security systems.

Appropriate display of pages and stores, also known as responsiveness, refers to the ability of a website to automatically adjust to the screen size of the device on which it is viewed. This means your website remains usable and aesthetically pleasing on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers, ensuring an optimal user experience regardless of how you access it.


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