Product Development

Product development covers the entire product journey - from initial idea to launch.

Product Development - Product Development

The goal of product development from a business perspective is to cultivate, maintain, and increase a company's market share by meeting consumer demand. From the customer's perspective, it is about ensuring the value of the product as a high-quality good or service. Not every product will appeal to every customer or customer base, so determining the target market for a product is a crucial step that must occur early in the product development process.

Digital product development refers to the engineering of software-based user experiences that improve the user journey within an organization, either partially or completely. Typically uses agile development methodologies to deliver products quickly, testing and iterating regularly based on stakeholder input.

Mobile applications

Native or cross-platform? We develop both, always providing users with the highest quality. Our team of mobile developers will guide you along the entire path.

Online store

WooCommerce, Shopify, Shoper or maybe Magento? Let our online store development specialists guide you through the entire process of creating an e-commerce system.


The road from idea to publication and maintenance of an online product is long and challenging. To make your business successful, you need a team of qualified and experienced professionals.

Dedicated Software

It is architecture that makes the wonders of the world defy time. The same applies to digital products - they need a solid core, secure and stable architecture.

Digital product development cycle

Generally speaking, the low-level digital product development cycle depends on the development approach you choose. However, the high-level workflow is mostly the same. Thanks to this, you can adapt it to the requirements and complexity of your project. There are three main stages: idea generation, design and development, and development.

Product development process

Did you know that as many as 49% of companies do not follow a consistent product management process? No wonder 21% of them don't create products that meet customer needs! Creating products is a challenge, which is why it is so important to approach them logically, i.e. following a well-thought-out plan.

Technology selection

Once the product is fully discovered and designed, one of the most important aspects of its further development is the selection of the appropriate technology based on customer needs and user requirements.

Development works

Then, the designated team starts development work, most often the development team is divided into back-end and front-end departments. Our specialists work according to developed product development processes, based on the developed specifications.

Testing and validation

Once the development team delivers the pre-built product, the product testing and validation work begins. At this stage, we check its functionality, collect inconsistencies and verify its operation in various variants.

Implementation of corrections

Product tests are completed with a collected test plan and a report of all existing inconsistencies, which are delivered to the development team, which improves and improves the product to finally deliver to the customer.

Product introduction

The purpose of introducing a product to the market is to draw attention to the new product before it appears on the market and to generate demand at the beginning of sales. You should interest consumers already at the stage of introducing the product to the market and convince them to buy your product through communication with the target group.


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